Lost in a moment


Life has sped up again. It’s like someone has taken a remote control, pointed it at us, and fast forwarded at 30x speed. I don’t know whether I’m coming or going.

It hasn’t been an easy few weeks. Managing the transition from maternity leave to work, from baby to toddler, not to mention the onslaught of bugs that has left us all snotty, bleary eyed, wheezing wrecks – it has, in all honesty, taken its toll. I don’t think any of us can quite remember what it’s like to feel well.

But we’re hanging on in there and in between the daily grind, we’re still having plenty of fun. And at least I’m not crying when I leave Ralphie anymore. The guilt lingers, but thankfully the tears have dried up!

Since Ralphie’s birthday, it has been all change again. I know I probably say it every time, but I think this is my favourite stage yet. He is so damn cheeky, and I love it. He knows exactly what I’m saying to him, and if it’s no (i.e. please don’t pull my hair or chuck your cup on the floor for the 100th time), he cocks his head to the side and gives me a little grin.

His language is coming on in leaps and bounds. He can say mama, dada, grandad, nana (much to my mum’s disappointment as she wants to be grandma), again, more, yes (he actually says “da”) and a whole load of other babble that we haven’t been able to translate yet.

Waving is his new favourite thing. He waves to get mine and his dad’s attention, he waves goodbye (usually when the person has turned their back and gone), and he waves at strangers in the street before giving them the cheesiest of grins. This boy loves attention and he knows how to get it!

Now at 13 months, it’s looking pretty unlikely that Ralphie’s going to be an early walker! But he is walking around as much as he can – he scales walls, doors, the washing machine, the sofa. It won’t be long, and I’m not rushing him. The fast breathing noises he makes as he crawls are too funny.

We use an app called Moment Garden to share photos of Ralphie with close friends and family. My photo sharing endeavour is endless, I know! One thing this app does is send a daily update with a moment from a year ago today. Ryan has turned into a broody mess as he reminisces about our tiny little squidge that used to placidly lie there and smile up at us. I miss those days too, but motherhood has taught me to appreciate the now. I was a rubbish planner before, and now I’m even worse. Because all I’m trying to do is enjoy today and remember it all. Time, you are a scary thing.



I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date

For those who know me, you’ll concur that I’m not exactly the most prompt person in the world. I usually make it on time just, by the skin of my teeth, but I’m rarely early. It’s quite ironic since I chose a career in publishing!

But now I generally find myself running late – sometimes really late. And it’s a cycle I’m struggling to break!

It all started during the latter stages of my pregnancy. Waddling into work was hard; it took me longer than planned. Then Ralphie was born, eight days late. And now I have a small person to get ready and out the door in addition to myself; it has thrown me.

Feeding Ralphie, changing him, getting him dressed – it always ends up taking way longer than I’d planned for. Ok, so I’ll admit I don’t exactly rush things. I try and make the mundane a little more fun, so I sing to Ralphie and tickle him to make him giggle; he’s quite a distraction I’ll have you know (I mean, look at his face!). And there it is, a ten minute task has taken me twenty.


Rather surprisingly I actually made it to this morning’s baby class on time, just! But it was pure fluke. My aim was to be on our way by 9am. At 9.15 I was still putting on Ralphie’s coat. Thankfully most of the other mums are fighting the same battle against time too. It seems to be quite acceptable for everyone to be a tad late.

The question is, then, how am I going to sort myself out? While I’m off on maternity leave with Ralphie, it’s not the end of the world if we’re a bit late for a lunch date, or our afternoon stroll. Thankfully I’ve not missed a doctor’s appointment yet, but we were late for our appointment to officially register Ralphie (that was embarrassing). What, though, am I going to do when I have to go back to work and take Ralphie to nursery? I’m dreading it already! Answers on a postcard please 🙂