Five telltale signs that you’re expecting


In case you haven’t heard the news already, baby number two is on the way! 20 weeks on the way, in fact, and counting. I don’t where the time is going!

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while. I remember when I started up this blog it was something that I thought people would want to read about. Until you know for sure, how on earth can you tell when you’re pregnant?? Are there any little hints and clues to help you out before you can take the test? It was something I googled far too much the first time around. I was a little bit obsessed. I had an app, I checked the forums. And do you know what? None of it helped! When I fell pregnant, I just knew. I had a gut feeling. This time it was even more obvious.

Thinking about it, though, there were some fairly clear telltale signs to help me out before I finally bought that cheeky white stick for confirmation (I left it three weeks by the way. Check out the willpower!). It was a funny time to be in limbo. Christmas – the season of goodwill and plenty of booze. Cue some sneaky drink swapping (Ryan was more than game!) and plenty of lame excuses. Not to mention the following…

Pass me the water

Thirsty. Oh so thirsty! I didn’t get that metallic taste that some people report, but what I did get was a really dry mouth. I still have it, to be fair. It won’t go away. I can down as much water as I like, but I still feel like I’ve got a sponge in my mouth.

Time for a lie down

Maybe it was all the festivities getting on top of me, but I could seriously have curled up and slept for a week. The tiredness hit me like a wave. I’m not a daytime nap kind of girl, but in those early weeks I couldn’t help but drop off. Thankfully Ralphie joined me too.

Emotional wreck

It doesn’t take much to make me cry. But weeping over the fact that Ryan didn’t want to come to the cinema with me, even though there was nothing on that either of us wanted to watch. What a fool! I cried a lot. Some of it for legitimate reasons, but most of the time not. I do want to go to the cinema now, though. Please someone take me to see Beauty and the Beast! And then I can cry over that too!

Keep that away from me

If there’s one thing you should know about me is that I love love love curry. Seriously, I could eat that stuff for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. It’s only serious willpower and my bowels (sorry!) that stop me. Oh and it turns out pregnancy does too. We had a takeaway curry delivered a good few weeks back and I couldn’t touch it. The smell, everything, made my stomach churn. Worry not, I’m over it now! Normal service has resumed.


Ok, I know this one is cheating, because it’s the most obvious sign going! And hopefully by the time you get a bump you already know you’re expecting. But seriously, I was not expecting to show so soon this time around. Apart from shouting about it now on social media, I’ve been fairly coy about this pregnancy so far. We waited until after the 12 week scan to tell most people, including my lovely mum and dad (I’m a chicken. What can I say?!). I waited even longer to tell work. 17 weeks to be exact. Turns out that most of them had suspected for weeks. The baggy tops and lack of coffee were quite a giveaway. And now there’s no hiding it. This bump of mine is huge!

Question is, am I growing a baby boy or baby girl? We get to find out very soon and I can’t bloomin’ wait!



The great hair loss


I keep finding strands of my hair EVERYWHERE at the moment. A large collection seems to have gathered on my bathroom floor, it’s near my hairdryer, on my pillow, in the shower; I even found a strand in Ralphie’s nappy the other day. The hoovering is relentless.

I wouldn’t say I exactly glowed during my pregnancy, but I pulled the look off as well as I could. I remember my hairdresser asking me if I thought my hair had got thicker; we both agreed it hadn’t. But looking back on it, maybe it had. It must have! Because it sure isn’t thick now.

Ralphie pulling it doesn’t exactly help. I’m very tempted to get it all cut off again, and today I’m having one of those days where I really miss my short hair. Perhaps I will treat myself to a radical new do soon.

I thought I’d avoided this post-pregnancy phenomenon. But five months in, and the hair loss got me. And I’m still shedding plenty. I’m losing enough to create a wig – albeit a scraggy one!

But I tell you what, other than the daily clear up which is bugging me a lot, I don’t really mind. And here’s why. I don’t have a single spot on my face. If you saw me this time last year, you wouldn’t have said I had the best of complexions. But those hormones surging through my body have really sorted this face of mine out. It’s a bloomin’ miracle.

Rubbish hair, alright face; swings and roundabouts!

I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date

For those who know me, you’ll concur that I’m not exactly the most prompt person in the world. I usually make it on time just, by the skin of my teeth, but I’m rarely early. It’s quite ironic since I chose a career in publishing!

But now I generally find myself running late – sometimes really late. And it’s a cycle I’m struggling to break!

It all started during the latter stages of my pregnancy. Waddling into work was hard; it took me longer than planned. Then Ralphie was born, eight days late. And now I have a small person to get ready and out the door in addition to myself; it has thrown me.

Feeding Ralphie, changing him, getting him dressed – it always ends up taking way longer than I’d planned for. Ok, so I’ll admit I don’t exactly rush things. I try and make the mundane a little more fun, so I sing to Ralphie and tickle him to make him giggle; he’s quite a distraction I’ll have you know (I mean, look at his face!). And there it is, a ten minute task has taken me twenty.


Rather surprisingly I actually made it to this morning’s baby class on time, just! But it was pure fluke. My aim was to be on our way by 9am. At 9.15 I was still putting on Ralphie’s coat. Thankfully most of the other mums are fighting the same battle against time too. It seems to be quite acceptable for everyone to be a tad late.

The question is, then, how am I going to sort myself out? While I’m off on maternity leave with Ralphie, it’s not the end of the world if we’re a bit late for a lunch date, or our afternoon stroll. Thankfully I’ve not missed a doctor’s appointment yet, but we were late for our appointment to officially register Ralphie (that was embarrassing). What, though, am I going to do when I have to go back to work and take Ralphie to nursery? I’m dreading it already! Answers on a postcard please 🙂