Five telltale signs that you’re expecting


In case you haven’t heard the news already, baby number two is on the way! 20 weeks on the way, in fact, and counting. I don’t where the time is going!

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while. I remember when I started up this blog it was something that I thought people would want to read about. Until you know for sure, how on earth can you tell when you’re pregnant?? Are there any little hints and clues to help you out before you can take the test? It was something I googled far too much the first time around. I was a little bit obsessed. I had an app, I checked the forums. And do you know what? None of it helped! When I fell pregnant, I just knew. I had a gut feeling. This time it was even more obvious.

Thinking about it, though, there were some fairly clear telltale signs to help me out before I finally bought that cheeky white stick for confirmation (I left it three weeks by the way. Check out the willpower!). It was a funny time to be in limbo. Christmas – the season of goodwill and plenty of booze. Cue some sneaky drink swapping (Ryan was more than game!) and plenty of lame excuses. Not to mention the following…

Pass me the water

Thirsty. Oh so thirsty! I didn’t get that metallic taste that some people report, but what I did get was a really dry mouth. I still have it, to be fair. It won’t go away. I can down as much water as I like, but I still feel like I’ve got a sponge in my mouth.

Time for a lie down

Maybe it was all the festivities getting on top of me, but I could seriously have curled up and slept for a week. The tiredness hit me like a wave. I’m not a daytime nap kind of girl, but in those early weeks I couldn’t help but drop off. Thankfully Ralphie joined me too.

Emotional wreck

It doesn’t take much to make me cry. But weeping over the fact that Ryan didn’t want to come to the cinema with me, even though there was nothing on that either of us wanted to watch. What a fool! I cried a lot. Some of it for legitimate reasons, but most of the time not. I do want to go to the cinema now, though. Please someone take me to see Beauty and the Beast! And then I can cry over that too!

Keep that away from me

If there’s one thing you should know about me is that I love love love curry. Seriously, I could eat that stuff for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. It’s only serious willpower and my bowels (sorry!) that stop me. Oh and it turns out pregnancy does too. We had a takeaway curry delivered a good few weeks back and I couldn’t touch it. The smell, everything, made my stomach churn. Worry not, I’m over it now! Normal service has resumed.


Ok, I know this one is cheating, because it’s the most obvious sign going! And hopefully by the time you get a bump you already know you’re expecting. But seriously, I was not expecting to show so soon this time around. Apart from shouting about it now on social media, I’ve been fairly coy about this pregnancy so far. We waited until after the 12 week scan to tell most people, including my lovely mum and dad (I’m a chicken. What can I say?!). I waited even longer to tell work. 17 weeks to be exact. Turns out that most of them had suspected for weeks. The baggy tops and lack of coffee were quite a giveaway. And now there’s no hiding it. This bump of mine is huge!

Question is, am I growing a baby boy or baby girl? We get to find out very soon and I can’t bloomin’ wait!



Two pink lines


Two blog posts in a day. I must be on a roll! But I couldn’t let today pass without mentioning that it was a year ago today that I found out I was pregnant.

I thought this particular moment in my life would be one of the most exciting things to happen to me, and it was, but it was also a bit of an anti-climax. I’ll explain why.

For some mad reason, I decided to take the test at around 3am in the morning. I had this gut feeling that I was pregnant and I couldn’t hold back the urge to see if I was right. So up I got and did the test, and there they were, those two perfect pink lines. My heart was absolutely pounding with excitement, but all I could do was go back to bed and wait until a more reasonable hour to wake Ryan and tell him. Did I go back to sleep? Of course I didn’t!

Funnily enough I don’t really remember Ryan’s reaction as I was so knackered from being up since 3am! He was excited but he was also much more sensible than me about it all and said we should hold off on telling anyone until we had the scan.

And that was that. The day I found out I was pregnant I spent the whole day at work absolutely exhausted because I’d got up at a ridiculously early hour!

It was also the most infuriating thing having to keep such big news a secret (I may not have quite kept my side of the bargain, but it turns out Ryan sneakily told a few people too!). Let me tell you, those 12 weeks until the scan dragged like anything. But here we are today and I’ve got my adorable baby boy in my arms and I feel like the luckiest lady in the world. Admittedly, I didn’t quite feel quite as lucky when he was crying at me at 1am this morning, but he has since been forgiven.